nike air force 1 ultra flyknit colors for 2019

nike air force 1 ultra flyknit colors for 2019
nike air force 1 ultra flyknit colors for 2019
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I have never been much of an air freshener person—spreading fake scents into the air (like spray room fresheners) always made me gag a bit, so that is double true when you are talking about sealing yourself off in a small enclosed space, like your car, with such a scent. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to add a naturally fresh scent to your car with essential oils, and you can trade the tacky pine tree hanging from your rearview mirror for a cute chain of wool balls instead!

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small tassels small clothespins -embroidery thread -large darning needle essential oils


Cut a piece of embroidery thread that is about 16″ long. Thread one end though the metal spring loop in the center of your clothespin (you may want to use the needle to do that if you can’t just poke the thread through), pull through until you hit the center of your thread, and then tie a knot about 1″ below the clothespin.Thread both your thread ends though the needle and add on three wool balls with the color you want on top first. Make a knot after the third ball.

Slide your small tassel onto one of your threads, and knot again to keep the tassel in place. All your components are now in place, but we’ll do one more step to hide the thread in the bottom wool ball.Thread both of your thread ends through your needle again and pull the thread back up through the center of your bottom wool ball and out the top. Trim the thread as close to where it came out as you can. Now your thread ends are neatly tucked away and your diffuser is ready to use!! Choose a high-quality essential oil (our oils are therapeutic grade oils and 100% pure essential oil with no fillers) and add 3-4 drops of the oil of your choice to the wool ball section of your diffuser. If you want to mix scents (great idea!), try 1-2 drops of each scent and see how strong the scent is before adding more. To install, simply use the clothespin to attach your felted ball chain onto one of your vent slats and enjoy the drive! If you hang it higher on your vent you also get the added benefit of getting a little extra burst of scent when the heat/air is being blown out, but you can hang it on the lowest rung if you’d rather that not happen too. I have seen that some people will hang air freshener type things from their rearview mirror, but hanging anything from the mirror is actually illegal to do in most states, so I say stick with the vent clip. Just add more oils to refresh the scent as needed. Now, as far as what scent to use, that’s totally up to you, but may I suggest a calming nike air jordan retro 7 raptors
or rosemary for your rush hour traffic commute? xo. Laura


A foundational work in the collection of the Art Museum of the Americas, Constructive Composition (1943) exemplifies the ways in which the twentieth-century Uruguayan artist Joaquín Torres-García sought to create images of universal order. This painting, made of primary colors and a grid with easily recognizable pictographs exemplifies his ideas about harmony and universalism. air jordan iii golf nike shirts

Although he frequently explored the pure, geometric abstraction of forms and colors, Torres-García did not exclude figuration, or the presence of recognizable objects, from his works. In Constructive Composition , for example, he integrated pictographs (symbols that represent an image or idea, such as a heart or boat) within a constructivist grid. Torres-García believed that this relationship between the geometric structure of the painting and its symbolic content embodied an ideal harmony within the universe. He called this theory Constructive Universalism. In some of his paintings, he used the special properties of the golden ratio (see nike free 05 running shoes
) to achieve an even greater feeling of integration with nature and the cosmos. To more perfectly express these universal relationships, Torres-García limited his palette to the most basic and pure colors – red, yellow, and blue (the primary colors), and white and black.

To make your own Constructive Composition , begin by thinking about the kinds of objects and symbols that are most meaningful in your life. Do you play a sport? Do you love animals or enjoying spending time in nature? Maybe you excel at math. Design pictographs that represent your personality or reflect some of your own experiences – moving to a new home, exploring your hometown, traveling the country or the world, starting school. The instructions below explain how to make a golden rectangle using a ruler, but you can experiment with squares and rectangles of different (non-“golden”) proportions.

You will need:

Step 1. Make the grid.

Step 1.

Note: To make a golden rectangle, follow Steps 1a-1e. The rectangle in the upper left corner of the example is a golden rectangle.

Begin by using the ruler to draw a variety of rectangles and squares in a pattern. (Alternatively, simply draw rectangles and squares without a ruler; this will result in a more informal composition.) In the example, all of the rectangles were traced with a pencil first and then re-drawn with a black marker.

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For the human race...

The Terrible Secret of Lunastus is a zany comedy-action romp through the outers of space! The Moon is falling from orbit and on the eve of the Earth’s destruction four astronauts, accompanied by their robot, Android, depart for the planet Lunastus to assess its suitability as a new home for the human race. The creatures they discover there will make them question their free will… and fear for their lives.

The show was performed over four weekends at the beautiful historic Zion Lutheran Church in downtown Baltimore. The Terrible Secret of Lunastus is the third original rock opera written and performed by the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. It originally debuted in 2011 as a part of the BROS Double Feature at the Autograph Playhouse on 25th Street.

Incredibly Dead! is a b-horror homage with dastardly heroes, maniacal villains, and insane antics!

Arena Players, Baltimore's historic African American community theater, and Baltimore Rock Opera Society are partnering on an epic night of double-header theater entertainment!

Lunastus is a zany comedy-action romp through the outers of space that pays homage to our favorite science fiction serial TV shows! Get ready to explore a bizarre new world!

This violent, raucous, rebellious rock roll musical begins in 1661 in Calais, France, and crosses the open Atlantic Ocean before coming to a bloody close in the Caribbean Sea.

Amphion delivers blood, gore, tears, sweaty dancing, gore, sweet sweet romance and gore wrapped up in an epic historical fairy tale.

CHRONOSHRED is an action-packed sci-fi comedy that feels like watching all of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons – 3000 years into the future!

These smooth, crisp, refreshing rock operas are filled to the brim with deep, handcrafted flavor. The Rock Opera 6-Pack: “Oh boy, what a show!”

An electronic revolution set in the neon future of Ancient Egypt.

Our debut medieval fantasy rock opera, updated and re-imagined as a mind-blowing touring production.

MURDERCASTLE is a bone-chilling tale of death, love, and intrigue set during the Chicago 1893 World’s Fair.

VALHELLA: The Ragnarøkkoperetta is the first sign of the apocalypse – a Norse-inspired creation tale!

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