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Vanessa Schneider

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In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use Google Photo Sphere to capture 360-degree photo panoramas and embed them on your website

You use photographs in your stories every day. They help bring a story to life in the way text can’t. With better, faster and cheaper mobile technology, journalists are experimenting with panoramas to provide a richer photo experience for their audiences. In this tutorial, we’ll highlight Google Photo Sphere , 360-panoramas — think: Google Maps Street View — you can create for free using your Android or iOS device. Once you’ve made your photo sphere, you can embed it in your web-based stories to provide immersive, engaging story elements.

For this exercise, you’ll need an Android (4.4+) or iOS device. If you’re using an Android device, make sure to have the Google Camera app installed. If using an iOS device, download the Photo Sphere Camera app from the App Store. You can also create photo spheres with a DSLR camera and third-party panorama software (more info below).

To get started creating photo spheres, first watch the following instructional video:

Create a photo sphere with your Android device:

Create a photo sphere with your iOS device:

Create a photo sphere with your DSLR camera

Tips for capturing great photo spheres

You’ve created your photo sphere, and now you’re ready to share it with your audience. Here’s how:

Quickly and easily embed a photo sphere on your website

Create a Google Maps API custom Street View webpage

Congratulations! You are now ready to create and share photo spheres.

Program Manager, Google Earth Outreach

Program Manager, Google Earth Outreach

Vanessa has been with Google for four years, most recently as the Geo Media lead, helping journalists around the world tell stories with Google Maps and Google Earth. Before joining Google, Vanessa worked at The New York Times, Time Inc., and at New York startup Hot Potato, acquired by Facebook in summer 2010.

ELA / Literacy Lessons > Basal Alignment Project

The Basal Alignment Project offers replacement lessons for basal readers developed prior to the Common Core State Standards. Hundreds of teachers worked collaboratively to develop these materials. Each lesson was authored, edited, and reviewed by a team of teachers to improve alignment to college- and career-ready standards, such as the Common Core. These lessons emphasize key aspects of college- and career-ready standards, including quality sequenced text-dependent questions, improved integrated writing tasks, and a focus on academic vocabulary. The resources below explain how to identify and create text-dependent and text-specific questions that deepen student understanding and how to recognize academic vocabulary.

Please note: as basal readers are updated, the page numbers referenced and unit/week designations found within these lessons may no longer be accurate, and the context of the questions and tasks will need to be used to determine the specific pages.

These lessons can be used immediately in the classroom and for professional development. Learn how to create your own standards-aligned lessons using high quality trade books, or train educators in your district.

College- and career-ready standards, including the CCSS, expect students to use evidence from texts to present careful analyses, well-defended claims, and clear information. One critical way to help students develop these skills is through the use of text-dependent questions: questions that can only be answered by referring back to the text.

The Text-Dependent Question Resources include tools to help write and evaluate text-dependent questions, as well as a link to lesson materials featuring sequences of text -dependent questions meant to deepen student understanding of the text.

Tier 2 (academic vocabulary) words appear in many different contexts and are often subtle or precise ways to say relatively simple things, for example “relative” or “accumulate". Since these aren't words that will typically be used in a student's conversations and they aren't domain-specific, they should be given more focus than Tier 1 and Tier 3 vocabulary.

The Academic Word Finder pulls the most useful academic vocabulary words from a given text - those that are not too common and not too rare. There may be other academic vocabulary words the tool does not highlight that a teacher determines are important to the text. This tool doesn't replace teacher judgment; rather it helps to support the teacher in identifying which academic words to consider first. Teachers also must gauge what words are most effective for their students' current vocabulary levels.

See this page in the original 1992 publication.

Author: Marshall, Evelyn T.

The word "garment" has distinctive meanings to Latter-day Saints. The white undergarment worn by those members who have received the ordinance of the temple Endowment is a ceremonial one. All adults who enter the temple are required to wear it. In LDS temples, men and women who receive priesthood ordinances wear this undergarment and other priestly robes. The garment is worn at all times, but the robes are worn only in the temple. Having made covenants of righteousness, the members wear the garment under their regular clothing for the rest of their lives, day and night, partially to remind them of the sacred covenants they have made with God.

The white garment symbolizes purity and helps assure modesty, respect for the attributes of God, and, to the degree it is honored, a token of what Paul regarded as taking upon one the whole armor of God ( Eph. 6:13 ; cf. DC 27:15 ). It is an outward expression of an inward covenant, and symbolizes Christlike attributes in one's mission in life. Garments bear several simple marks of orientation toward the gospel principles of obedience, truth, life, and discipleship in Christ.

An agency of the Church manufactures these garments in contemporary, comfortable, and lightweight fabrics. They are available for purchase through Church distribution centers.

Scripture, as well as legends from many lands and cultures, points toward the significance of sacral clothing. A biblical tradition teaches that Adam and Eve, prior to their expulsion from Eden, wore sacred clothing. "Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them" ( Gen. 3:21 ). These were given in a context of repentance and forgiveness, and of offering sacrifice and making covenants.

In antiquity, priestly vestments were part of widespread tradition. The Targums (Aramaic paraphrases of the Old Testament) teach that these garments were "precious garments" or "glorious garments" or "garments of honor." Rabbi Eleazer called them "coats of glory." A rabbinic source asks: "And what were those garments?" The answer is, "The vestments of the High Priesthood, with which the Almighty clothed them because Adam was the world's first-born" (Kasher, Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation , Vol. 1, p. 137). In Moses' time those who officiated in the Tabernacle wore a certain kind of garment: "And [Moses] put upon [Aaron] the coat, and girded him with the girdle, and clothed him with the robe, and put the ephod upon him, and he girded him with the curious girdle of the ephod, and bound it unto him therewith" ( Lev. 8:7 ; see Testament of Levi 8). Latter-day Saints similarly wear temple garments in connection with their priesthood functions.

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Tuesday, July 3—Sunday, July 8, 2018

Rosen Shingle Creek Resort 9939 Universal Boulevard Orlando, Florida 32819-9357

Preregistration is now open. When purchased online by May 31, the preregistration fee for convention is $25 ($30 on-site) and the cost of a banquet ticket is $65 ($70 on-site).

Preregister online now or use the mail-in, fillable PDF form.

The 2018 room rates are singles and doubles, $88; and triples and quads, $93. In addition to the room rates there will be a tax, which at present is 12.5 percent.No charge will be made for children under seventeen in the room with parents as long as no extra bed is requested. Please note that the hotel is a no-smoking facility.

For 2018 convention room reservations you can call the hotel at air jordan 11 los angeles
after January 1. You may also write directly to the Rosen Shingle Creek, 9939 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32819-9357. The hotel will want a deposit of $100 for each room and will want a credit card number or a personal check. If you use a credit card, the deposit will be charged against your card immediately, just as would be the case with a $100 check. If a reservation is cancelled before Friday, June 1, 2018, half of the deposit will be returned. Otherwise refunds will not be made.

All Rosen Shingle Creek guestrooms feature amenities that include plush Creek Sleeper beds, 40″ flat screen TVs, complimentary high-speed internet capabilities, in-room safes, coffee makers, mini-fridges, and hair dryers. Guests can enjoy four outdoor swimming pools, a full-service spa, and fifteen dining/lounging options from fine-dining and elaborate buffets to casual dining both indoors and poolside.

Tuesday, July 3: Seminar Day Wednesday, July 4: Registration Day, Meetings of Divisions and Committees Thursday, July 5: Board Meeting,Meetings of Divisions and Committees Friday, July 6: Opening Session Saturday, July 7: Business Session Sunday, July 8: Banquet Day and Adjournment

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Check out the resolutions from the 2017 National Federation of the Blind convention.

View our beginner's guide to the NFB National Convention, intended to give the first-time convention attendee some important information about national conventions of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB).

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