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Enjoy a day of learning and connecting with other professionals atMISSION POSSIBLEon Wednesday, March 7th from 8:00 am – 4:30 pmin the Baker Patillo Student Center on the SFASU campus in Nacogdoches, TX. This conference will apply to offer 6.5 contact hours for nurses, counselors, social workers, LMFTs, activity professionals and Public School administrators, counselors and teachers. A workshop of 3 hours of Ethics hours for LPCs, LMFTs, and social workers will be offered.

3 hours of Ethics hours

There are five separate learning tracks:

Conference pre-registration is:

Free Preconference The Alzheimer’s Association invites all participants to a pre-conference panel presentation, “ To Tell or Not to Tell: Issues with Disclosing an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis” held in the MovieTheatre in the SFASU Baker Pattillo Student Center. The event is offered at no additional charge and has applied to offer 2.0 hours of continuing education credit.

Free Preconference a pre-conference panel presentation, “

How to Register: Online registration is now closed. You may register onsite by using this golden state warriors air jordan 12 shoes SasMyRc
the $5 late fee will apply. Please bring the completed form with you to the event, registration opens at 7 am on March 7. We will accept cash, check or credit/debit card payments (a small fee will apply).

How to Register:

See Conference FAQs for information about parking, refunds and special assistance.

Mission Possible Final Agenda

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Mission Possible is made possible thanks to the following organizations:

Interested in being a Sponsor or Exhibitor at Mission Possible? Learn more about sponsorships and exhibitor opportunities here.

Interested in being a Sponsor or Exhibitor at Mission Possible?

For more information call 936-639-1141 or E-mail Kinnie Reina .

For appointments or for any other non-emergency issue, please use the numbers below based on the type of request you have.

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The purpose of this tutorial is to implement branching in a microprogram. Branching is determined by three jump control bits (see Microinstruction Format for a complete description of these bits):

In the example program, you will implement a branch if the value generated by the ALU is less than or equal to zero. It takes advantage of the fact that the default value of the PC (interpreted as a signed integer) is -1. The basic logic is given below. The branch should be successful the first two times but fail the third time.

1. Go to the microprogram editor.

2. Clear the control store.

3. Set the "Next Addr" field to 000000001.

4. Set the JMPN and JMPZ bits to 1 to implement a conditional jump. If the branch succeeds, the instruction at 0x101 will be executed. Otherwise, the instruction at 0x001 will be executed.

5. Set up the ALU and B-bus control bits so that ALU = PC (register 1).

This instruction will be executed if the branch in the previous instruction fails.

6. Write a microinstruction that loads a value of zero into the SP register. The next instruction is at 0x002.

This instruction will increment the value in the PC and, at the same time, perform the second conditional test.

7. Set the "Next Addr" field to 000000011.

8. Set the JMPN and JMPZ bits to 1 to implement a conditional jump. If the branch succeeds, the instruction at 0x103 will be executed. Otherwise, the instruction at 0x003 will be executed.

9. Set up the ALU, B-bus, and C-bus fields so that PC = PC + 1.

This instruction will be executed if the branch in the previous instructions fails.

10. Place the edit cursor anywhere in the instruction at 0x001 (setting SP to 0). Copy that instruction by entering Ctrl-C. (You do not have to perform a selection operation first.)

11.Place the edit cursor anywhere in the instruction at 0x003. Enter Ctrl-V to paste the instruction you just copied.

12. Edit the "Next Addr" field to point to 0x004.

13. Copy the "increment PC and conditional branch" instruction at 0x002 to address 0x004.

14. Modify the "Next Addr" field so that it points to address 0x005. If the jump succeeds, the instruction at address 0x105 will be executed. Otherwise, the instruction at address 0x005 will be executed.


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The musical project of Seattle-dwelling singer/songwriter Luke Culbertson and friends, Lofty Stills envelopes the listener in an ... effortless fusion of Dream Pop, Alt-Country, and Indie Rock: lush instrumentation and yearning tenor vocals, woven into collections of sound. Their debut full length album 'Refrain' is out now. ... more more

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